This is to add your player to the Ballot ONLY. Registration of your player does not guarantee your player will make a team. The player and managers vote on whom they want to represent their league based on performance during the regular season. To be eligible, a player must have played in 60% of all regular season games. All-Star players are required to pay additional uniform fees if selected for the team. There may be additional volunteer assignments if your player is selected to a team. Depending on the success of the team, All-Stars can run deep into July, and beyond for the most successful teams.  When declaring eligibility for All-Stars, please consider other summer commitments and ensure you are available for the team the entire postseason.

Click HERE to register your player(s) to be added to the All-Star Ballot.  Click here for more information about the All Star Selection Process 

Little League® International Tournament - What Parents Need to Know

The Little League® International Tournament is a unique time of the season, a fresh beginning in some respect, with new teams forming and the opportunity to create even more memories. While Tournament rules often mirror those in the regular season, there are some key differences parents need to be aware of.


As players practice and leagues prepare for the Little League® International Tournament, parents and guardians also need to be ready to join their Little Leaguer® on this all-star journey. While teams play and advance, families can use the tips in this “survival guide” to make their excursions more comfortable.


Little League® Parents' Guide to the 2016 Tournament Rule and Regulation Changes

Learn about the four new rule changes that are effective immediately. 


Each participant family may be required to work a minimum of 4 volunteer shifts for post-season play. Each team will be responsible to cover 3-4 nights of All-Star games at Eastern Little League. 

The schedule will depend on the wins and losses of each team and the team may be given very short notice of their scheduled date(s). A team may be required to work on a date even after the team has been eliminated from the tournament.  



Mandatory Paperwork

ALL players and parents who are selected and make a commitment to an All-Star team MUST provide ALL of the following documentation and attend a MANDATORY Documentation Drop off on Sunday June 11th at Mountain Mikes Pizza from 5 -7pm

Please bring the following paperwork to the meeting. 

  1. All-Star Commitment Form
  2. All-Star Volunteer Form
  3. Tournament Player Verification Form
  4. Medical Release Form - Provided by Eastern to verify and complete. 
  5. Media Release Form
  6. PROOF OF AGE – We will only accept an original certified copy of birth records (birth certificate) (used for District 5 review only)Cannot accept photocopied record(s), baptism certificate, Hospital certificate, passport, etc. The original will be returned after review from the District. 
  7.  PROOF OF RESIDENCE/SCHOOL ENROLLMENT – We need proof for one or the othernot both
    1. If you live within the Eastern LL boundaries you need to provide proof of Residence.
    2. If you don’t live within the Eastern LL boundaries but go to a school that is within Eastern LL boundaries you need to provide proof of School Enrollment.
    3. If you don't live or go to a school within the Eastern LL boundaries then we MUST have a waiver on file to for the player. Click here to download the waiver and contact us at playball@easternll.com for additional documentation that is needed. 
  • PROOF OF RESIDENCE - Residence shall be established and supported by documents, dated or in force between February 1, 2016 (previous year) and February 1, 2017 (current year). We CANNOT accept any documentation that is NOT dated within this time period. 
    • There are 17 categories to provide proof from.
    • Must provide 3 forms of proof and each form must be from a different category. 
    • The form must have your name and address on it.
    • NOTE: If using forms with a guardian who is not listed on the birth records or the name doesn’t match the name on the birth records then we need documentation showing guardianship or the name change, i.e. Marriage certificate. The District uses the names on the birth records to verify guardianship and matches it to the names on the residence forms.
  • PROOF OF SCHOOL ENROLLMENT - School attendance shall be established and supported by a document indicating enrollment for the current academic year, dated prior to October 1, 2016
    • Schools Within Eastern LL Boundaries
      • Starr King K-8 School
      • Del Paso Manor Elementary
      • Our Lady of Assumption
      • St. Michaels
      • El Rancho School
      • El Camino High School


  1. Jersey and Hat: Will be ordered by Eastern LL 
  2. Belt and Socks: Navy Blue
  3. Pants:  White with Navy Blue Piping Pants

These type of pants